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As someone charged with the well being of the membership and visitors, you have a responsibility to do everything possible to protect those that gather. Violent and non violent crime in churches and other places of worship are increasing at an alarming rate. You may have a security team but with any security operation, practice, training, and continued learning is crucial. Any security director who thinks his or her security efforts is where it needs to be and is in no need of fresh ideas in tactics and continued training has dangerously fallen into a state of complacency.

The Watchman’s Academy is here to share the knowledge we’ve obtained throughout the world in order to help your security efforts in its continued growth.

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What is a Watchman? (Ezekiel 33)

Church Security Training

In the 33rd chapter of the book of Ezekiel, the Lord gave instructions regarding the watchman.  He was to be on guard and warn the people of impending danger.  If the watchman did his job but the people did nothing to prepare, the watchman was blameless.  However, if the watchman did not give the people warning, any blood that was shed was charged to the watchman.

It is The Watchman’s Academy’s desire that churches everywhere heed the warnings that they are vulnerable to crime, both on a major scale, as well as minor.

The Watchman is sounding the alarm.  Don’t ignore it.

About the Watchman’s Academy

The Watchman’s Academy is a church security training & consulting service. The idea came to Steve Padin after his office at the Buffalo Police Department was contacted by a local church regarding some security concerns they had.  After walking through the church building and giving them an assessment, he realized the need for churches and other places of worship to better their security efforts.  So he acquired information and resources from around the country, added his own expertise, and put together a program.  This three phase training program, which can be done in one evening and one day, is designed to help places of worship organize security teams using just the membership of the body.  For those places that already have teams, it is designed to help them raise their operation to the next level.  Contact Steve for a detailed description of each phase.  Steve emphasizes that security in places of worship must be looked at as a ministry, not some law enforcement or military detail.  Security personnel must be spiritually mature, not just physically and emotionally fit.  They must be able to act with sound judgment utilizing compassion, humility, but at the same time, respond like soldiers if the membership is threatened with bodily harm.  Security in places of worship needs to operate in such a way that the average attendee never knows there’s security in operation.  Security work brings distractions.  People need to worship without those kinds of distractions.  Those are just some of the points Steve covers.  
Is The Watchman’s Academy a place where people come to train?  We prefer to come to you, wherever you are in the country.  This way by working with your team exclusively the training can be tailor made to suit your building and location and your particular team.  However, there are other options.  You can find out if a church in your area is hosting a seminar where they are inviting other area church security representatives to attend or, your church can host one.  But if you wish to travel to the western New York area at a particular time when there are no seminars scheduled, we have a church building where we can accommodate you. As of March of 2019, The Watchman’s Academy is now serving Canada in the southern Ontario area.

As a firearms instructor certified by New York State and the N.R.A., Steve offers training in firearms safety and use as it pertains to home and personal protection as well as church security.  We also offer training in hand to hand tactics.  If a person enters the service intent on causing harm, he or she needs to be stopped and controlled immediately and effectively.  Even if the person is armed with a weapon, such as a knife or firearm, and security is unarmed, we cover disarming techniques that can minimize casualties.  At a church shooting outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a shooter shot 22 bullets in just under a minute, reloading in the process. Six people were killed, four were wounded.  Nobody tried to stop or disarm him.  That should never happen again.

So whether it’s major incidents or minor incidents, The Watchman’s Academy will help you prepare to deal with your security issues.

Steve Padin’s Bio

The Watchman’s Academy is run by Steven Padin, a retired 25 year decorated police veteran for the Buffalo, NY Police Department. After 20 years working “the streets,” his last assignment was in the firearms division where he not only trained Buffalo’s officers in the use of firearms and combat tactics, but also assisted in the training of officers throughout the county at the police academy. Shortly after retiring from the Buffalo P.D., he was hired as the lead firearms instructor for that same law enforcement training academy where he oversees the firearms training for police recruits for every police department in the county. He also trains and certifies each police department’s new firearms instructors. A former black belt instructor and international competitor in Tae Kwon-Do, he was also tactics instructor to the Buffalo Public School’s security staff. He is trained and certified as an instructor to instructors by the Department of Homeland Security and Louisiana State University’s National Center for Biomedical Research and Training Academy of Counter-Terrorism in Law Enforcement Active Shooter Response. Steve also trains police and military personnel in different countries. Recently, Guru Maul Mornie, himself a world renowned trainer of police, military units, and elite martial artists, on his Bruneian web site added Steve’s name to a list of “world class” tactics instructors.  Steve has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal and interviewed on Fox News on the subject of safety and security in houses of worship. 

Steve and his wife, Ivette, have been married for over 30 years and have 2 adult children, Steven & Jackie.

Missions Work

For many years Steve has joined with other law enforcement and military persons in bringing the gospel to police and military in several nations throughout the world.  They’ve done this by offering free training in tactical operations as well as ethics.  Along with the training they are able to take time to bring the gospel of Christ to these officers and soldiers who, after training together and winning their trust, are very receptive to the gospel.  Thousands have made decisions for Christ in this manner.

Steve now works to do the same thing here in the United States through a ministry called OpOverwatch, which seeks to provide repeated opportunities for all law enforcement officers to hear about the identity that can be found through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Steve in Colombia working with their National Police.

About School Security

In working with the Buffalo Public School security staff, Steve developed a system he likes to call “tactical control.”  Through joint manipulation and pressure points, Steve teaches how to get and maintain control of younger but violent students without causing serious injury to the student or the security officer.  He also covers defense against armed students and also prepares them to deal with the worst case scenario, an active shooter situation.

So if your school or school district ‘s security staff is in need of training specifically tailored for their position, The Watchman’s Academy can fill that need.


“Our security team truly enjoyed your presentation.  It was relevant to things we deal with at our church.  Your insight provided both affirmation to why we have a security team at our church and new ideas to implement.  We would recommend your lecture to any church, whether or not they have a security team.”

Judy Gummo
Administrative Director
The Chapel at Crosspoint


It was great having you in to teach our Security & Safety Seminar. Your concern for safety & security were obvious from the start, and what you taught us was relevant & simple to understand. There are definitely aspects of your lectures and scenario based training that we will be implementing for our church’s safety.
I hope you know that you have friends here in San Antonio! May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him!”

Pastor Coyle
Lighthouse Baptist Church
San Antonio, Tx


“Our pastoral staff appreciates all the expertise Steve has brought to the table, but most important to us, we appreciate his heart for ministry.  His presentation gave us a great framework to discuss and plan for security in our church.  We plan on using this presentation to train our security officers in the future.  Steve has been a great resource for us not only with his presentation, but also with his consultation, and personal service to our church.  We would recommend this ministry to any church and pastor.”

Josh Hamlin
Associate Pastor
New Covenant Tabernacle
Assembly of God
Tonawanda, NY


“Steve Padin’s church security presentation was phenomenal! He was able to provide concise, relevant and crucial information to help ensure a safe environment for all church leaders, administrators, and attendees. It was very evident that Steve’s heart and ministry is focused on loving and serving Jesus Christ and others. This is a must for all churches!”

Jeff Camp
Deacon, Head Usher
Kenmore Alliance Chuch


A letter to Steve following the lecture
Thanks for a fantastic seminar last week. Many of our men talked to me that evening and on Sunday. Their experience was overwhelmingly positive. They mentioned a number of things they learned and were truly excited about implementing some new procedures at Northridge. Steve, your heart for Christ and your concern for God’s kingdom was evident in your presentation. Thanks for taking time out of your life to assist us.

Dave Boehm,
Pastor of Care & Facilities Manager
Northridge Church, Rochester, NY


“If your Church is looking for a good solid security foundation, I highly recommend Steve Padin’s 3-phase Watchman’s Academy course. Steve not only gives your Church a comprehensive overview on how to set up a functional system, but teaches every member how to gain a proper mindset for the task at hand. Steve did a great job building each phase upon each other, and was very gracious and versatile to the needs of our fellowship. Our team has had much training, but not to the likes of Watchman Academy. This is a very affordable program. Having a true passion for safety and security of the flock, Instructor, Steve Padin, greatly enhances the benefits of this program.”

Vic Agosta
Director of Safety
Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship
Akron, OH


“Dear Steve,
Want to say Thank You for the review. It did just what I was looking for in jogging the memory of the main 3 part course you provided us.The members of our Safety staff are still talking about the information you provided. You know we take a proactive approach to the saftey of Gods flock. I would advise all churches to take all three parts of study and then a refresher every year there after. Its good to keep the skills we learned fresh and active in our minds to be prepared for the unthinkable. Todays world does not allow Christians the safe havens we once enjoyed. Nothing is sacred any longer and I believe the skills we learned and revisited gives us one more tool in fighting evil. Once again Thank You, may God Bless you and your ministry.”

Dave Harding
Safety Director
Alabama Full Gospel
Medina, NY


“I highly recommend Steve Padin’s 3-phase Watchman’s Academy course. Steve did a great job explaining each phase and demonstrating the hands on phase. Steve helped our church understand the importance of a security team and the responsibility we have to our church members. We’ve received great feedback from all of the attendees. This program is a must and is a very affordable program and well worth it! Steve brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. It was a pleasure to have him. Thank you Steve Padin!”

Rich Schnur
Security Director
Oasis Church
Staten Island, NY City


Church Security Training

This informative guide will walk you through church security from the start up phase all the way to operations. Great as a training guide or as a reference point. All proceeds from this book will go towards missions work.
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